This website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both the residents of Biarritz Village and those interested in becoming part of our community. Private and community information is restricted to Biarritz Village residents by login and password. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
Biarritz Village is a very special neighborhood within the larger Cheval East community, which is an exclusive, upscale and deed-restricted community located 15 miles north of downtown Tampa, Florida. Combined with the Cheval West community, collectively known simply as Cheval, there are about 1000 homes sharing 3 fully staffed, 24x7, entry gates. Indeed, if you Google "Cheval Florida", you can learn a lot more.
Biarritz Village is accessed through a tree-lined avenue bordering a lake and the Cheval Golf Course. The 92 separate, single family homes all have a Mediterranean flair and style. This inner community has its own separate Home Owners Association whose primary responsibility is to maintain all the grounds surrounding all the homes. This is known as a zero-maintenance arrangement, relieving the homeowners of the chores of cutting lawns, trees, hedges, and so on. Naturally some homeowners cultivate their own gardens, and they have a personal responsibility for those.
For some time now, Biarritz Village has had the reputation of being the most friendly and active neighborhood in Cheval. Block parties, monthly dinners, book club, and holiday events bring together the spirit that makes up Biarritz. An active social committee looks after all these activities with help from many of the neighbors. The HOA is in good financial health.
Posted on Oct 23rd, 2018
Parking across the sidewalks is not allowed.
The CPOA has noted that several homes are allowing cars to be parked across the sidewalks. This is not allowed, since sidewalks are common property, and parking on such is prohibited. Apart from anything else, people with ambulatory difficulties find it difficult to walk around our Village safely, sometimes even being forced out into the street. Please advise your family members and visitors about this.
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